Reclaiming San Francisco


Reclaiming San Francisco: History Politics Culture, a City Lights anthology edited by James Brook, Chris Carlsson, & Nancy J. Peters (City Lights Books, San Francisco: 1998)

An Appetite for the City by Richard Walker

Going Public: The San Francisco Civic Center by Susan Schwartzenberg

Weeds: A Talk at the Library by Nicholson Baker

About That Blood in the Scuppers by Georgia Smith

The Progress Club: 1934 and Class Memory by Chris Carlsson

The Silver Legacy: San Francisco and the Comstock Lode by Jon Christensen

Pecuniary Emulation: The Role of Tycoons in Imperial San Francisco by Gray Brechin

Suicide in the City by Ann Garrison

Remarks on the Poetic Transformation of San Francisco by James Brook

You Are Here (You Think): A San Francisco Bus Tour by Bernie Lubell, Dean MacCannell, and Juliet Flower MacCannell

Location: San Francisco by Marina McDougal and Hope Mitnick

Another View of Chinatown: Yun Gee and the Chinese Revolutionary Artists' Club by Anthony W. Lee

Black Consciousness in the Art of Sargent Johnson by Tommy L. Lott

The Beat Generation and San Francisco's Culture of Dissent by Nancy J. Peters

Riffs on Mission District Raza Writers by Juan Felipe Herrera

Street Subversion: The Political Geography of Murals and Graffiti by Timothy W. Drescher

The Miracle Mile: South of Market and Gay Male Leather 1962-1997 by Gayle S. Rubin

From Manila Bay to Daly City: Filipinos in San Francisco by James Sobredo

Tenant Power in San Francisco by Randy Shaw

The Tenderloin: What Makes a Neighborhood? by Rob Waters and Wade Hudson

Call Any Vegetable: The Politics of Food in San Francisco by Jesse Drew

Seeing the Trees Through the Forest: Oaks and History in the Presidio by Pete Holloran

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