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Contribute to FoundSF: Edit an Article

How to Edit an Article

To begin you'll need to create an account. If you already have an account, you'll need to log in.


Help us fill in the blanks by contributing your words, stories, and memories to our pages denoted by Unfinished History.


Find the page you are interested in editing. Those marked with Unfinished History are open to being edited.

If the page is is marked with Unfinished History, you will see Edit under the gear icon () in the upper right. You must be logged in to see the "Edit" item. You can only edit articles which are marked as Unfinished History.

Click "Edit" to make changes to the text of the chosen page.

You may see text which looks a little strange — like a double quote, or [[#ec:Archives]]. This is MediaWiki code for making text display as a headline, or for adding an image to the article. Don’t fear — it’s easy to learn. Click here to view the MediaWiki syntax.

Include a short note about your edits in the Summary field.


You can review your entry or edits by clicking Show Preview before you save your changes. (This is helpful to see how everything looks before you save...)


Click Save Page


Thank you for your contribution. Please feel welcome to help continue developing FoundSF's content.

The administrators of Found San Francisco reserve the right to remove unsuitable content at any time.