Dolores Street and 27th Street

Unfinished History

The San Jose-San Francisco railroad ran across an elevated iron bridge at the intersection of Dolores and 27th Streets for decades, ending during WWII when the bridge was dismantled after the railroad stopped passenger service and the iron was needed for war materiel.

27th and Dolores Northeast sfm002-10044.jpg

Northeast view along train bridge, c. 1942.


Ne-across-27th-and-dolores 20231205 225258424.jpg

Northeast view across 27th and Dolores, 2023.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Dolores and 27th 1942 sfm002-10035.jpg



27th and Dolores bridge removed abutment still intact on sw corner sfm002-10052.jpg

Removed abutment for iron train bridge still sits on southwest corner of 27th and Dolores, 1942, St. Paul's church on Church Street in distance.


Sw-across-27th-and-Dolores 20231205 225413649.jpg

Southwest view across Dolores at 27th, 2023.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Dolores and 27th dismantling for war effort sfm002-10038.jpg

Sign indicating dismantling for war effort, 1942.


Train on bridge near Dolores 1908 AAB-3476.jpg

Train on bridge near Dolores Street, 1908.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library