Unfinished History

Defenestration-all 0238.jpg

Defenestration Building, 6th and Howard Streets


The Defenestration Building (Howard Street side) as it appeared in the late 1990s

The Defenestration Building, a sculptural installation by Brian Goggin at Howard & 6th Streets in SF, features over 30 pieces of furniture and home-appliances welded to the exterior of an abandoned SOMA 3-story, the former Hugo Hotel. Despite endorsement by Willie Brown and funding by federal grants, the installation survived from its installation in 1997 for seventeen years.

Defen falling-tables 0231.jpg

Defen-northside-stuff-in-windows 0227.jpg

Defen-eastside-stuff-in-windows 0230.jpg

Defenestration-closeup-corner 0239.jpg

Photos by Chris Carlsson

Defenestration-2014 2612.jpg

Not long before demolition in 2014.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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