Borden Dairy

Unfinished History

Milk-boys-Borden's-Dairy-buildings-along-Potrero-Avenue---1973- K-D 1514333.jpg

Milk boys in a bas relief sculpture on the Borden Dairy building on Potrero Avenue, 1973.

Photo: Max Kirkeberg Collection,

View North on Potrero from Army Street (now Cesar Chavez), before construction of US101 Freeway. Site of Potrero del Sol Park at right Dec 1955 wnp32.2352.jpg

December 1955, dairy at right where La Raza Park is now.

Photo: wnp32.2352

Sanborn-Map-1950 Borden-Dairy-Potrero-Ave Vol-6-Sheet-629 00813 06 1950-9-0629.jpg

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1950, showing the site of the Borden Dairy on Potrero Avenue near (then-)Army Street.

Map: via San Francisco Public Library

Demolition-of-Borden's-Dairy-buildings-along-Potrero-Avenue---1973- K Diva 1514328.jpg

Demolition of Borden Dairy buildings along Potrero Avenue, 1973.

Photo: Max Kirkeberg Collection,

Demolition-of-Borden's-Dairy-buildings'-main-entrance---1973- k-d 1514335.jpg

Original door at Borden Dairy.

Photo: Max Kirkeberg Collection,

Demolition-of-Borden's-Dairy-buildings-from-Peralta-Avenue-and-Holladay-Avenue---1973- K Diva 1514324.jpg

Northerly view from Peralta and Holladay on Bernal Heights, demolition of Borden Dairy underway, 1973, future site of The Farm.

Photo: Max Kirkeberg Collection,