Alemany view

Unfinished History


1912 photo of Bernal Heights south slope shows an intersection of the Ocean Shore Railroad and the Alemany water flume. The flume carried water from Islais Creek near Glen Park around the south and east slopes of Bernal Hill to a reservoir at Sixteenth and Brannan Streets. It was constructed in 1860, owned by Spring Valley Water Works.

photo: Private Collection; caption: Bernal Heights History Project

Islais-wetlands-1940s-w-powerplant-at-right-shore 3023.jpg

Former wetlands of Islais Creek, now enclosed and largely filled in this 1940 photo. At upper right of photo is the PG&E power plant on the shore of India Basin that was finally taken down in response to community pressure in 2009.

Photo: San Francisco Planning Commission archives


Bernal Heights Boulevard at northerly extent on February 9, 1931. Alemany water flume and railroad visible in distance to south.

Photo: C. R. collection


View east/southeast from Bernal across Portola and Islais Creek towards Hunters' Point, c. late 1940s.

Photo: C. R. collection

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