Sugar Palace

Unfinished History

Alma-Spreckels-mansion 20190217 170020.jpg

The Sugar Palace

Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2019

Spreckels mansion at 2080 Washington St AAC-6017.jpg

Entry way to 2080 Washington Street

Photo: San Francisco History Center, SF Public Library

View across Van Ness toward Claus Spreckels Mansion on Van Ness between Clay and Sacramento Burned in 1906 1899 wnp130.00019.jpg

View across Van Ness Avenue between Clay and Sacramento at the original Claus Spreckels Mansion (or "Sugar Palace"), 1899... It burned in the 1906 quake and fire.

Photo: wnp130.00019

View North on Van Ness toward west side of the street between California and Jackson. Claus Spreckels mansion in the distance at right c1895 wnp13.386.jpg

View north on Van Ness toward the west side of the street between California and Jackson, c. 1895. The Claus Spreckels mansion is in the distance at right.

Photo: wnp13.386

Claus Spreckels AAD-3012.jpg

Claus Spreckels

Photo: San Francisco History Center, SF Public Library

The Spreckels Mansion, 2080 Washington St. This outrageous circa-1912 chateau, famous for its ornate French Baroque limestone facade, is known as the Sugar Palace, since it was built with the Spreckels' sugar fortune. George and Alma Spreckels were perhaps San Francisco's best-known patrons of the arts; they gave the city the Palace of the Legion of Honor, the museum built above the bones of Gold Rush pioneers.

Claus Spreckels 1910 DN-0008426 Chicago Daily News negatives collection Chicago History Museum.jpg

Claus Spreckels in Chicago, early 20th century.

Photo: Chicago Daily News negatives DN-0008426, Chicago History Museum

Spreckels Sugar Factory on Potrero Shore

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