Highway 101—50 years old

Unfinished History


The James Lick Freeway (Highway 101) in 1957, northbound, just past Vermont St. exit off Potrero Hill.


View northward from 20th and Rhode Island on Potrero Hill, Hwy 101 in center of image, April 10, 1955.

Charles Cushman Collection: Indiana University Archives (P07970)


Aerial view of mid-1950s construction of Highway 101, before it was connected to the Bay Bridge.

Photo: Ed Brady


The James Lick Freeway (Highway 101) in 1957, northbound from 23rd Street overpass.

Photos: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library


Bayshore freeway north at Army Street offramp, 1956. The 101 freeway is still unfinished in distance.

Photo: C.R. collection

Hwy-101-at-Army-w-Potrero-Hill-under-construction-1955 6748.jpg

Highway 101 at Army under construction, 1955, with Potrero Hill in background.

Photo: Private Collector

Building-hwy-101-at-edge-of-Bernal-Heights-and-Cortland-1955 6750.jpg

Building Highway 101 where it crosses Cortland Avenue alongside Bernal Heights, 1955.

Photo: Private Collector

US101 Freeway construction circa 1953 north to Bernal Hts wnp28.1050.jpg

Highway 101 construction, 1953, off southeast end of Bernal Heights, near the later intersection with I-280.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org wnp28.1050

Hwy-101-heavy-traffic-at-Vermont-St-exit-northerly 4019.jpg

Highway 101 full of autos in 2014.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Hospital-Curve-heavy-traffic-hwy-101-w-Bernal-behind 4020.jpg

Hospital Curve southbound, Highway 101, with Bernal Heights.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


In 1930 the Dutch Boy Paint Factory sat on the northeast corner of 24th and Kansas (above). By 1994 the west side of Kansas Street had been demolished and replaced by the 101 Freeway, hidden by eucalyptus trees in this image, and a new apartment building had replaced the paint factory (below).


Photos: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library (AAB-5992) (1930) and David Green (1994)

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