Black Lives Matter—June 2020

Unfinished History

This-is-why-we-kneel-billboard-alteration 20200601 124726.jpg

Billboard altered on corner of Bryant and 24th Streets in the Mission.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Art exploded across the Bay Area on boarded up shops and restaurants. This mural was painted at Fell and Divisadero.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

How-many-werent-filmed 20200608 200159.jpg

On the walls...

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Black-lives-matter-on-giants-scoreboard 20200609 131718.jpg

Weirdly, even the Giants stadium scoreboard began blasting the message to a Covid-19 empty stadium.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

As protests erupted across the U.S. in the wake of the police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, San Francisco also hit the streets. This video captures but a tiny fraction of the enormous outpouring of anger and protest that spilled across the City and the Bay Area more broadly. Here is footage of the June 3 protest organized by high school students at Mission High School, followed by June 5's George Floyd Memorial Ride done in Critical Mass style, and finally on June 10 thousands of skateboarders gathered on Twin Peaks to "Bomb Hills 4 Black Lives" and this footage was captured at Market and 15th Streets as they poured by... Check out the chant of "Quit Your Job" as the protesters surround the Mission Police Station...

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The following images are from the June 3, 2020 protest called by Mission High School students and attended by apx. 20,000 people.

BLM11 How-Many-Werent-Filmed 20200603 174335.jpg

BLM34 Police-murder 20200603 160602.jpg

BLM33 BLM 20200603 160651.jpg

BLM25 Stop-Killing-Black-People 20200603 162218.jpg

BLM5-Demilitarize-the-Police 20200603 181533.jpg

BLM28 Demilitarize-the-Police 20200603 161325.jpg

BLM14 Demilitarize-the-Police 20200603 172453.jpg

BLM32 also-fuck-cops 20200603 160740.jpg

BLM23 Yellow-Peril 20200603 163546.jpg

BLM17 End-qualified-immunity 20200603 171809.jpg

BLM22 Silence-is-Violence 20200603 163637.jpg

BLM10 Racism-is-so-American 20200603 174406.jpg

BLM13 defund-the-SFPD 20200603 173339.jpg

BLM8 Am-I-Next 20200603 180857.jpg

BLM9 You-just-a-bitch-without-that-badge 20200603 175305.jpg

Photos: Chris Carlsson

The next batch of photos is from the June 5 George Floyd Memorial Ride.


Defund-the-police 20200605 181956.jpg

We-will-be-heard 20200605 182030.jpg

Kaep-jerseys 20200605 181552.jpg

White-silence-is-violence 20200605 183720.jpg


Cynthia-w-malcolmx 20200605 184017.jpg

Castro-plaza-westerly 20200605 184428.jpg

The ride halted at Castro and Market for a flurry of speeches and performances.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Fuck-racism 20200605 181547.jpg

On June 19, demonstrators tore down monuments in Golden Gate Park to Junipero Serra (made a saint by the Catholic Church a few years ago over the strenuous protests of indigenous Californians and their supporters who stress his role in unleashing the genocide that decimated California Indians), and Francis Scott Key, the composer of the national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner. The slave-holding and -defending Key included a stanza supporting slavery in his 1812 composition, which is conveniently left out of common renditions of the song before sports events. Protesters also tore down a statue of Ulysses S. Grant, union army general and president from 1868-1874. once a slaveholder too.

VSolis Fallen-Serra-longer June-19-2020.jpg

The fallen Serra statue, June 19, 2020.

Photo: Veronica Solis