19th and Carolina 1990s

Unfinished History


At the intersection of 19th and Carolina, 19th Street becomes a beautiful garden walkway... just past the telephone pole. After you make it down the path you emerge at Carolina where there were once public housing projects and today is a public high school. Between those two histories, there was once an unofficial "Potrero Hill Commons" on the slope above the old railroad tunnel.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Garden-path-19th-and-Carolina-top 0446.jpg

As you enter, it's a bit dusty and looks like there might not be a way through.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Garden-path-19th-and-Carolina 0448.jpg

It is a public way, though, the ghost of 19th Street that never was put through.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Garden-path-19th-and-Carolina 0453.jpg

Looking back up through the sun and dust.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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