United Railroads Geneva Car Barn

Unfinished History


Spreckels Car Barn at Geneva and Ocean Avenues.

This car barn was among several used to house strikebreakers during the 1917 strike against the privately owned United Railroads.

Photo: David Green

Geneva Car house 1904 wnp32.0271.jpg

Geneva Carbarn, 1904.

Photo: courtesy OpenSFHistory.org wnp32.0271

Geneva Carbarn July 1977 wnp25.0952.jpg

Geneva Carbarn, July 1977.

Photo: courtesy OpenSFHistory.org wnp25.0952

Geneva carbarn 1982 wnp32.2464.jpg

Geneva Carbarn, 1982.

Photo: courtesy OpenSFHistory.org wnp32.2464

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