Streetcar Boneyard

Unfinished History

The old Market Street Railway deposited decommissioned streetcars at its "boneyard" at Lincoln and Funston during the early 20th century.

Irving near 14th 1930s wnp37.03285.jpg

Irving near 14th, 1930s, Market Street Railway boneyard.

Photo: courtesy wnp37.03285

MSRY streetcar Boneyard on block bounded by Lincoln Way Funston Ave, 14th Ave, and Irving St 1940 wnp37.04346.jpg

Market Street Railway streetcar boneyard on block bounded by Lincoln Way, Funston Ave., 14th Ave., and Irving Street, 1940.

Photo: courtesy wnp37.04346

Lincoln near 14th c 1940 Original St. Anne's Church which faced Irving visible in the background with later church facing Judah beyond. Golden Gate Heights in distance wnp32.0213.jpg

Lincoln near 14th, c. 1940. Original St. Anne's Church in background, with Grand View Peak in distance.

Photo: courtesy wnp32.0213

Innner Sunset Aerial Aug 15 1948 wnp31.1948.132.jpg

Inner Sunset aerial view, August 15, 1948.

Photo: courtesy wnp31.1948.132