San Francisco State College Strike Photo Gallery

Primary Source

Photos by Tim Drescher, taken during 1968-69 San Francisco State College strike

Aerial-1968 sfsu park-merced stonestown south-to-north drescher.jpg

1968 aerial view south to north, Park Merced in foreground, then SFSC campus, then Stonestown Shopping Center, 19th Avenue (Highway 1) running bottom to top along right side.

Sfsu-strike vet-w-sign drescher.jpg

Vietnam vet with strike sign.

Sfsu-strike-call-off-your-army-sign drescher.jpg

Call off your army! sign

Sfsu-strike guy-w--mic drescher.jpg

Sfsu-strike quad-discussion drescher.jpg

Intense discussion on the campus quad.

Sfsu-strike-people-at-Park-Merced drescher.jpg

Strikers at nearby Park Merced.

Sfsu-strike-quad-photographer drescher.jpg

Photographer crosses quad in front of striking crowds.

Sfsu strike guy-on-street.jpg

Sfsu-strike crowd-near-entry-from-roof drescher.jpg

Strikers on entry path.

Sfsu-strike iranian-students-solidarity drescher.jpg

Iranian students in solidarity with SF State College strike.

Sfsu-strike agitator-identified drescher.jpg

Police file discovered during trial, showing what they identify as an agitator.

Sfsu-strike quad-bird-flipper drescher.jpg

Flipping the bird, 1968.

Sfsu-strike-car-identified drescher.jpg

Another image from the police, accusing this car owner of being an agitator.

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<iframe src="" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" allowfullscreen></iframe>

A 20-minute film by California Newsreel on the SF State Strike. The soundtrack is fully out of sync with the visuals, but the images are compelling.

Video: Prelinger Archive at