San Francisco 49ers at Kezar Stadium

Unfinished History

Packers and 49ers on goal line at Kezar 1960s.jpg

Goal line drama between San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers, 1960.

Photo: Martin Jacobs

Greenbay vs 49ers at Kezar 1960 by Martin Jacobs via fb.jpg

Green Bay Packers vs. 49ers, Kezar Stadium, 1960.

Photo: Martin Jacobs

49ers v Lions 1957 Joe Perry 34, jumping a teammate and Bob St. Clair 79 in background.jpg

49ers vs. Detroit Lions, 1957. Joe Perry, #34, jumps a teammate with Bob St. Clair, #79, in the background.

Photo: Martin Jacobs

Vince Lombardi and Phil Bengston Greenbay coaches at Kezar.jpg

Legendary Green Bay coach Vince Lombardi (left) and his assistant Phil Bengston (right) at Kezar, 1960.

Photo: Martin Jacobs