SF shoreline changes pictured

Unfinished History

The Adams House is seen in several perspectives and about one-hundred-thirty years apart in a vivid reminder of the changes in the shoreline of San Francisco.

Adams-house-with-mission-bay-etc 2090.jpg

Adams House in 2013, Mission Bay filling in with the new UCSF campus on the other side of I-280.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Adams House in 1995, I-280 and Financial District visible in distance. This house was once a block and a half uphill from the Bay!

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Northerly-view-on-Pennsylvania-St 20190901 174528.jpg

Same northerly view on Pennsylvania Street in September 2019.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Richards-house-and-UCSF-Mission-Bay-and-280 6125.jpg

Richards house, across from Adams house, overlooking UCSF Mission Bay and I-280.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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