Precita Park and Nearby

Unfinished History


Precita Park, c. 1894, when it was known as Bernal Park, would fill up with earthquake shacks after the 1906 earthquake.

Photo: courtesy Chuck Poling, via Facebook

View northeast toward Potrero Hill in the background. 25-line streetcar 1076 turning from Alabama onto Precita, Precita Park (then Bernal Park) corner at left wnp5.50295.jpg

View northeast of #25 streetcar turning from Alabama onto Precita when it was still known as Bernal Park, c. 1920s (Potrero Hill in background of this northeasterly view.)

Photo: wnp5.50295

Alabama & Precita circa 1938 wnp27.6330.jpg

Streetcar turning at Alabama and Precita by Precita Park, c. 1938.

Photo: wnp27.6330

Folsom between 26th Street and Cesar Chavez, Market Street Railway (MSRY) 36-line streetcar 1581, Cogswell College in the background Line 36 - 1581-36-01 SB on Folsom South of 26th Street Cogswell College 1939 wnp5.50338.jpg

Folsom between 26th Street and Cesar Chavez (then Army Street), Market Street Railway 36-line streetcar passing Cogswell College (in the background), 1939, later this is the site of the Bernal Dwellings public housing projects

Photo: wnp5.50338

Nov 2 1939 Le Conte school Army St. west of Harrison dpwbook SPECIMP16 dpwA6172 Before widening wnp36.04330.jpg

Nov. 2, 1939 Le Conte school on Cesar Chavez (then Army St.) west of Harrison, before widening.

Photo: wnp36.04330, dpwbook SPECIMP16 dpwA6172

Nov 3 1939 Army east of Harrison dpwbookSPECIMP16 dpwA6174 wnp36.04331.jpg

Nov. 3, 1939, Army east of Harrison.

Photo: wnp36.04331, dpwbookSPECIMP16 dpwA6174