Potrero Hill Historic Maps

Unfinished History

1859-USGS-Coast-Survey-Map Potrero-Hill-Mission-Bay-East-Mission-excerpt.jpg

1859 USGS Coastal Survey Map showing Potrero Hill, Mission Bay (and Mission Rock out in the water), and the eastern part of the Mission District when there were two horse racing tracks occupying what is today all residential. Note the "rope walk" at shore middle left.

Map: courtesy David Rumsey

1861-Wackenruder-Map-of-SF Potrero-Hill-excerpt.jpg

1861 Wackenruder Map, showing Potrero Hill excerpt. Note the small black diagonal line indicating the "rope walk" at shore middle left (see photo below)

Map: courtesy David Rumsey


1869 Salt Marsh Tidelands auction map, showing disposition of various parcels before the imminent sale of still submerged tidelands. The Tubbs Cordage Rope Walk is the larger diagonal crossing Third Street at center right.

Map: courtesy David Rumsey

1873-Bancrofts-SF-map Potrero-Hill-excerpt.jpg

1873 Bancroft Map of San Francisco, Potrero Hill and surroundings

Map: courtesy David Rumsey

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