Northeast Waterfront 19th Century

Unfinished History


Vallejo Street wharf seen from Telegraph Hill, 1864.

Photo: Kevin Mullen collection


Vallejo Street wharf and Green Street dock, with Telegraph Hill rising behind it, 1864.

Photo: Kevin Mullen collection


Vallejo Street Wharf, 1860s.

Photo: Lawrence and Houseworth

C1860 ~1.JPG

East side of Telegraph Hill, c. 1860. View west across wharf to American Russian Commercial Company (Sitka Ice) building, Cobblestone Depot. ARCC imported ice from Alaska to California. 140 feet east of Battery St, North side of Broadway.

Photo: wnp27.3782

North Beach Clarks Point Chestnut and Montgomery 1865 I0012487A.jpg

Clark's Point view towards Chestnut and Montgomery, 1865.

Photo: Online Archive of California, Roy D. Graves collection, I0012487A

1877-view-before-construction-on-new-seawall Bancroft-Library.jpg

1877 view before construction on new seawall.

Image: Bancroft Library

C1875 Telegraph Hill, from waterfront pier near present Embarcadero wnp13.114.jpg

View west of Telegraph Hill from apx. Vallejo Wharf, c. 1875.

Photo: wnp13.114

San Francisco Wool Exchange 1868. NW corner Sansome St Broadway. Props. D. McLennon, Whelan, Grisar BU-25 Sack and bales piled up on sidewalk, laden horse-drawn wagon F810 BU-025 GGNRA-Behrman GOGA 35346 wnp71.1203.jpg

San Francisco Wool Exchange, 1868, on the northwest corner of Sansome and Broadway.

Photo: wnop71.1203; GGNRA/Behrman GOGA 35346; F810 BU-025

Friedlander Warehouse 1869 Southwest corner Sansome and Chestnut, Telegraph Hill behind. wnp27.3812.jpg

Friedlander Warehouse, 1869, on southwest corner of Sansome and Chestnut, Telegraph Hill rising up behind.

Photo: wnp27.3812

1910 View West from Union Street Wharf (then Fisherman's Wharf) toward Telegraph Hill in background. Men mending fishing nets, boys posing wnp15.1663.jpg

1910 view west from Union Street Wharf toward Telegraph Hill. At the time this was Fisherman's Wharf, as the men mending fishing nets attests to.

Photo: wnp15.1663

Embarcadero Pier 11 1926 AAB-3534.jpg

Pier 11 along the Embarcadero, 1926.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library

Embarcadero at Pier 19 Feb 13 1940 AAB-3544.jpg

Embarcadero at Pier 19, Feb. 13, 1940.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library

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