Nobby Clarke's Folly

Unfinished History

Nobby-clarkes-folly 20200627 170406.jpg

Nobby Clarke's Folly in 2020.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Alfred Clarke house as Victor Apartments building. 1910 wnp4.1276.jpg

The building when it was the Victor Apartments in 1910.

Photo: wnp4.1276

Nobby clarkes folly 1892 wnp33.00962.jpg

Still under construction in 1892.

Photo: wnp33.00962

Nobby Clarke's Folly, at the corner of Douglass and Caselli in upper Eureka Valley, built on a 30-acre spread in 1892. Nobby Clarke got his money as clerk to the Police Chief during the first decades of San Francisco's urban existence.

250 Douglass 1891 wnp27.6973.jpg

Nobby Clarke's Folly looking northward while under construction in 1891. Corona Heights in background.

Photo: wnp27.6973

Castro1$nobby-clarke s-folly--2.jpg

Nobby Clarke's Folly #2

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Castro1$nobby-clarke s-folly-present.jpg

Nobby Clarke's Folly in the 1990s

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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