Mission Creek in the 1980s Before Redevelopment

I Was There . . .

by Ed Buryn, photographer

After the railyards were long gone from Mission Bay, but before the I-280 extension was removed and the building of today's Mission Bay apartments along Mission Creek had begun, Ed Buryn took photos of the area. Here are some of them.

Buryn Mission-Creek-w-fwy-and-party-early-1980s-img058.jpg

Interstate 280 stump ends in distance at 4th Street, while party rolls at Mission Creek Houseboaters' Huffaker Park on the south bank of the creek.

Photo: Ed Buryn

Buryn 75-27 42 long-view-towards-downtown-from-west-end-of-creek-under-fwy img015.jpg

Long view towards downtown from the west end of Mission Creek, under the freeway.

Photo: Ed Buryn

Buryn 75-92 19 view-from-south-side-towards-northwest img029.jpg

View northwest from south side of Mission Creek, c. 1980.

Photo: Ed Buryn

Buryn 82-45 11 view-of-creek-from-280-overpass-west-northwest img057.jpg

View of houseboats in Mission Creek from 280 overpass (now demolished), looking east.

Photo: Ed Buryn

Buryn 75-28 19 beginning-of-Huffaker-Park img026.jpg

Scrabbly beginnings of Huffaker Park, c. 1980.

Photo: Ed Buryn

Buryn 75-39 42 old-SP-station img035.jpg

Old Southern Pacific Station between 4th and 3rd Streets, c. 1977.

Photo: Ed Buryn