Mission Creek 1920s

Primary Source


Fourth Street draw bridge near Channel Street 1927.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library (aad-0683)

Easterly-view-from-high-up-over-channel-and-south-lumber-yard-brk00012269 24a.jpg

Easterly view from above Fourth Street Bridge with lumber yard occupying south bank of Mission Creek.

Photo: Bancroft Library (brk00012269_24a)


Dan F. Hanlon goes under the 3rd Street Bridge.

Photo: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park (A7.38,337pl)

Tug-Elizabeth-steams-under-two-sided-3rd-street-drawbridge-pre-1930s-brk00012267 24a.jpg

Tug Elizabeth steams under 3rd Street bridge, c. 1920s.

Photo: Bancroft Library (brk00012267_24a)

4th-street-drawbridge-up-while-2-master-steams-through-brk00012268 24a.jpg

Two-master steams under 4th Street drawbridge, lumber yard still occupying south edge of Mission Creek.

Photo: Bancroft Library (brk00012268_24a)

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