Miraloma Park Mudslide 1942

Unfinished History

Foerster St Slide Feb 1942 wnp27.5611.jpg

Foerster Street mudslide, February 1942.

Photo: courtesy OpenSFHistory.org wnp27.5611

After a rainy winter in 1942, a major mudslide ripped down the southeastern slope of Mt. Davidson and knocked one house off its foundation and killed Mrs. Dora Krammer. The 700 block of Foerster Street was buried, trapping residents in their homes until they were rescued.

Foerster St. Slide Feb 6, 1942 wnp26.181.jpg

The house knocked from its foundation in the 700 block of Foerster Street, Feb. 6, 1942.

Photo: courtesy OpenSFHistory.org wnp26.181

View North on Foerster toward Teresita. Dec 6 1942 wnp27.6473.jpg

View north on Foerster Street towards Teresita after another mudslide, Dec. 6, 1942.

Photo: courtesy OpenSFHistory.org wnp27.6473

234 Teresita Blvd 1951 wnp58.098.jpg

By 1951, the area was stabilized and this church at 234 Teresita Blvd. characterized the new neighborhood.

Photo: courtesy OpenSFHistory.org wnp58.098

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