Mayor Elmer Robinson

Unfinished History

Elmer Robinson, January 8, 1948—January 8, 1956

Elmer Robinson with city budget 1951 AAD-3266.jpg

Mayor Robinson with part of city budget, 1951

Former judge, "a professional politician of the smoke-filled room school." Rumored to have had connections to city's vice trade. Helped convince Mayor Shelley to withdraw from his re-election bid in 1967.

Elmer Robinson on new bus 1955 AAC-7769.jpg

Mayor Robinson greets the new diesel buses in 1955.

Elmer Robinson releases first fish in Spreckels Lake 1953 AAA-7967.jpg

Mayor Robinson releases first fish into Golden Gate Park's Spreckels Lake in 1953.

Photos: San Francisco History Center, SF Public Library

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