Liberty Hill

Unfinished History

Guerrero-and-Liberty 20190215 171555.jpg

845 Guerrero: Kershaw House, built by Marsden Kershaw, part owner of a coal yard, in 1871, now a San Francisco Landmark (#136).

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Liberty-Hill-building 20190215 171517.jpg

827 Guerrero: McMullen House, built by John McMullen, a contractor, in 1881, now also a San Francisco Landmark (#123).

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Streetcar climbing Liberty Hill on Guerrero near 21st, c. 1930

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Liberty-Hill-4-homes 6134.jpg

Four homes embodying Victorian order on Liberty Hill.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

21st-and-Guerrero 6118.jpg

Well-kept Victorian mansion at 21st and Guerrero.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Liberty-hill 6144.jpg

Few streets retain the old 19th century feeling as well as Liberty Street, just up from Valencia.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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