Islais Creek 1916 flood

Unfinished History

Islais Creek flood Jan 14 1916 North from Phelps n Jerrold dpwbook15 dpw2980 wnp36.01159.jpg

Islais Creek floods on January 14, 1916. This photo is looking north/northwest from Phelps near Jerrold, Bernal Heights in distance.

Photo: wnp36.01159; Original DPW Book 15, DPW2980

Islais Creek flood Jan 14 1916 North from RR Ave & Hudson dpwbook15 dpw2981 wnp36.01160.jpg

Islais Creek flood, January 14, 1916, looking north from Railroad Avenue (now Third Street) and Hudson (Potrero Hill is hill rising in distant right).

Photo: wnp36.01160; Original DPW Book 15, DPW2981


A flood on Islais Creek in 1916 inundated this stretch of Innes Avenue in Hunters Point.

photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Islais Creek flood Jan 25 1916 Islais Creek SW from trestle dpwbook15 dpw2992 wnp36.01166.jpg

Islais Creek flood, eleven days later, January 25, 1916, looking southwest from the railroad trestle.

Photo: wnp36.01166; Original DPW Book 15, DPW 2992

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