Golden Gateway Redevelopment Area

Unfinished History

The Golden Gateway redevelopment zone was placed over the old Produce Market north of Market and east of Sansome Street. This San Francisco Redevelopment Agency map shows the area marked as "GG." It was the first area targeted for "slum clearance" and rehabilitation into what it became, highrise, the Embarcadero Center and Hyatt Regency Hotel, and the Golden Gateway Apartments (high income apartments and townhouses on a 2nd floor promenade and parkway, carefully removed from street-level in order to secure its fortress architecture protections).

SFRDA-projects-all qap97r86wzrd0194.jpg

Southerly-on-Drumm-from-Washington 20180601 174526.jpg

Southerly on Drumm Street from Washington over the parklands that were once the on- and off-ramps of the Embarcadero Freeway on to and off Clay and Washington Streets, Embarcadero Center looming along Clay.

Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2018

Embarcadero-Maritime-Plaza-and-Golden-Gateway 20180601 180217.jpg

Embarcadero Center and the Maritime Plaza building, with the Golden Gateway apartments peaking out in the distance.

Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2018

Commercial-overpass-view-of-Pyramid-and-ICE 20180601 180029.jpg

Commercial Street was converted for the four blocks of the Embarcadero Center through which it runs into a mezzanine- and 2nd-floor promenade in a mall.

Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2018

Embacadero-from-JHP 20180601 173930.jpg

Easternmost front of the Embarcadero Center, facing the Vaillancourt Fountain across the Embarcadero Plaza.

Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2018

Commercial-pedestrian-overpass-over-Front 20180601 180334.jpg

Commercial Street pedestrian overpass over Front Street.

Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2018

Battery-and-Commercial-easterly 20180601 180619.jpg

Battery and Commercial Streets, easterly view.

Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2018

One-Maritime-Plaza 20180601 175152.jpg

One Maritime Plaza, an architectural award-winner in its time.

Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2018

East-view-down-Commercial-Street-from-Grant 20180601 182055.jpg

Easterly view down Commercial Street from its starting point at Grant Street in Chinatown.

Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2018