Folsom Street Streetcars 23rd to 25th Streets

Unfinished History

Feb 2 1916 View South on Folsom Street at 23rd Street, Southern Pacific Railroad crossing and United Railroads streetcar 1350 (U05061) Line 36 - 1350-36-01 NB Folsom at 23rd 2 Feb 1916 URR 5061 wnp5.50336.jpg

February 2, 1916: view south on Folsom Street at 23rd, Southern Pacific Railroad crossing.

Photo: wnp5.50336

View Southeast across 24th Street and Folsom Street, Market Street Railway (MSRY) 35-line streetcar 744, Marvel Luncheonette in background Line 36 - 0744-36-01 FOLSOM and 24TH 1937 wnp5.50329.jpg

View northeast across 24th Street and Folsom Street. This is the Market Street Railway #36 streetcar line, with the Marvel Luncheonette in the background, 1937.

Photo: wnp5.50329

October 1939 24th and Folsom 35-Line 785. View across intersection to northeast corner. Marvel Luncheonette. Posters advertising movies at Fox and Roosevelt Theatres wnp27.3647.jpg

October 1939, 24th and Folsom, #35 line going west on 24th Street, Marvel Luncheonette on corner.

Photo: wnp27.3647

Folsom-at-24th AAB-3707 800px.jpg

Looking east on 24th from Folsom, c. 1910

Photo: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library, AAB-3707

Folsom and 24th AAG-0266 800px.jpg

Slightly longer view east on 24th from Folsom, with Potrero Hill in distance, c. 1910.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library, AAG-0266

Folsom and 23rd 1939 View Northeast at Folsom and 23rd Street with Southern Pacific crossing to northbound 36-Line 1581 wnp14.3588.jpg

Folsom and 23rd Street, 1939. View northeast with the northbound #36 streetcar line at the Southern Pacific crossing.

Photo: wnp14.3588

C Nov 1939 View northeast to MSRy 266 36-Line on Folsom Street. Ad for film at Roosevelt (later York) Theater wnp14.10012.jpg

1939 view northeast of the Market Street Railway #36 streetcar crossing at 24th Street.

Photo: wnp14.10012

August 1940 View northwest across 24th to 35 Streetcar 788. Luncheonette wnp14.3589.jpg

August 1940 view to the northwest across 24th Street as #35 streetcar rolls through in an westerly direction.

Photo: wnp14.3589

Folsom and 25th c 1935 36-Line 276. Houses on right still there. Bernal Hill in background wnp67.0529.jpg

Folsom and 25th Streets, southwesterly, c. 1935. Bernal Hill in background.

Photo: wnp67.0529