Fleishhacker Pool 1925-84

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Ocean Beach Aerial Nov 16, 1924 wnp27.3347.jpg

Fleishhacker Pool, aerial view, Nov. 16, 1924.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org wnp27.3347

Fleishhacker Pool circa 1928 wnp14.3822.jpg

Fleishhacker Pool aerial view c 1928.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org wnp14.3822

The area between the zoo, the ocean, and Fort Funston was once Fleishhacker Pool, a thousand-foot-long swimming pool; it was so big that lifeguards had to patrol the pool in boats. The 116,000 square feet of surface held 6.3 million gallons of chilly ocean water. Built in 1924, the pool gradually fell into disuse; in 1984, it was covered with earth.

Fleishhacker Pool c 1930 Aerial view of Fleishhacker pool and playground looking southeast. Mothers Building at far left. Breakers on Ocean Beach in foreground. Lake Merced upper right. wnp70.0495.jpg

Circa 1930 view over Ocean Beach, Fleishhacker Pool and playground looking southeast, with Lake Merced in upper right background, Mother's Building at far left.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org wnp70.0495

Fleishhacker Pool 1928 wnp4.1631.jpg

A part of the 116,000 square foot Fleishhacker Pool, 1928.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org wnp4.1631

Fleishhacker Pool Jun 22, 1929 wnp14.4433.jpg

Fleishhacker Pool, June 22, 1929.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org wnp14.4433

Fleishhacker Pool Jun 22, 1929 wnp14.4434.jpg

Fleishhacker Pool, June 22, 1929.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org wnp14.4434

Fleishhacker Pool Aug 1960 wnp25.4787.jpg

Fleishhacker Pool, August 1960.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org wnp25.4787

Fleishhacker Playground circa 1934 Mothers Bldg and wading pool wnp14.11465.jpg

Fleishhacker playground, c. 1934, wading pool in front of Mothers' Building.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org wnp14.11465

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