Fillmore Arches Torn Down

Unfinished History


Fillmore Street at Sutter looking north, 1921. At left is a battery-powered delivery truck and behind it is a Model T Ford jitney, a competitor to the United Railroads service.

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco


In 1943, the iron towers that had crowned each intersection of Fillmore Street for decades, originally built as a gateway to the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition at the Marina, were torn down as scrap metal for WWII.

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco

1919 fillmore district news nameplate.jpg

The arches graced the nameplate of the Fillmore District News in 1919.

Image: courtesy of The New Fillmore newspaper archives.


Arches from the PPIE on Fillmore being torn down in 1943.
Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco

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