Dr Weirde on Dirty Harry

Unfinished History

Bofa-vertical 4673.jpg

Bank of America Building on Montgomery is the "Snipers Perch" from the movie "Dirty Harry"

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Top of the Bank of America building, 555 Montgomery (at California.) You can take the elevator to the roof and look out on the opening scene from Dirty Harry, where the villain, a psycho-killer based on Zodiac, picked people off like shooting gallery targets. Now that Clint Eastwood is finally getting some respect as a director, you may want to review the movie that made him famous. Dirty Harry perfectly sums up the paranoid's-eye view of San Francisco's trademarked weirdness as something evil, hostile, menacing, and violent. In particular, the film picks on hippies, portraying them as sleazy, evil Charlie Manson type serial killers. Rent it on video, then drop acid atop the Bank of America building.

--Dr. Weirde

Vallejo-police-stn 5284.jpg

Police Station from Dirty Harry (actually in North Beach on Vallejo)

Photo: Chris Carlsson, 2013

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