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Diggers march on Haight Street celebrating the "Death of Money", 1966

Still from a news video


Still from a news video

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San Francisco Diggers, c. 1966, Free Food in the Parks, and Death of Money

Video: Tim Roust

"God's Work" poster by The Diggers, courtesy the "Digger Archive"
Diggers "Fuck Off", courtesy the "Digger Archive"

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courtesy Digger Archive

Money Is An Unnecessary Evil

It is addicting.

It is a temptation to the weak (most of the violent crimes of our city in some way involve money).

It can be hoarded, blocking the free flow of energy and the giant energy-hoards of Montgomery Street will soon give rise to a sudden and thus explosive release of this trapped energy, causing much pain and chaos.

As part of the city's campaign to stem the causes of violence the San Francisco Diggers announce a 30 day period beginning now during which all responsible citizens are asked to turn in their money. No questions will be asked.

Bring money to your local Digger for free distribution to all. The Diggers will then liberate it's [sic] energy according to the style of whoever receives it.

Food-distribution-outside-of-home 00080004 Chuck-Gould.jpg

Diggers distributing food gleaned at Farmer's Market, c. 1966.

Photo: © Chuck Gould, all rights reserved.

Food-buying-at-warehouse 0976 Chuck-Gould.jpg

Not all the food was gotten for free. Here is a bulk buy at a local warehouse.

Photo: © Chuck Gould, all rights reserved.

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