Clarion Alley Gallery

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Unfinished History

Find out more information on the history of mural creation in Clarion Alley and the formation of the Clarion Alley Mural Project.

Alley-eastbound 3361.jpg

Clarion Alley eastbound, 2008

Alley-westbound 3360.jpg

Clarion Alley westbound, 2008

Two-panels 3351.jpg


Clarion-alley-streetfair-2007 4907.jpg

An annual streetfair has brought thousands to Clarion Alley to enjoy the art, live music, and connecting with friends old and new. This scene is from the 2007 streetfair.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Elephants 3369.jpg

Jet-gutierrez-surreal 3373.jpg

Jet Martinez, Lo llevas por dentro, Mission '04

Demoncracy 3339.jpg

Some-had-signs 3359.jpg

Some-were-sneaky 3367.jpg

Some-had-goals 3365.jpg

Photos by Dimitri Loukakos and Chris Carlsson

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