Cement Factory to Condos at 17th and Harrison

Unfinished History


Trains that ran regularly by the cement factory went diagonally across 17th into a railyard where the PG&E work yard and parking lot is now, between Harrison and Treat. Notice silver Hilton Hotel in back left and brown Bank of America building downtown behind factory at right.

Photo: courtesy Francisco FloresLanda


Old railyard between 17th and 18th, Harrison and Treat, 1970s.

Photo: Shaping San Francisco


17th and Harrison, cement factory at right between 16th, 17th, Harrison and Alabama, there until the late 1990s. White wall at left was painted with mural in next photo below in the 1980s, later whitewashed as seen in image further below.

Photo: courtesy Francisco FloresLanda


Bode Cement factory, 1977, looking southeast across intersection of Harrison and 16th.

Photo: courtesy SFMTA, Marshall Moxon photographer, M2455_1

Harrison-and-16th-1920-Looking-NE;-Bryant-street-powerhouse;-smokestacks;-Ocean-Shore-RR-crossing-over-SP-tracks wnp30.jpg

Harrison and 16th, 1920, looking northeast. Bryant Street powerhouse at rear right, Ocean Shore railroad crossing over Southern Pacific tracks.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org

Harrison near 17th 1980 Meg Oldman Collection wnp119.00117.jpg

Harrison near 17th Street, 1980.

Photo: Meg Oldman Collection, OpenSFHistory.org wnp119.00117

Cement factory with Southern Pacific Train cars c1976 wnp25.1635.jpg

Cement factory with Southern Pacific train cars, c. 1976.

Photo: OpenSFHistory.org wnp25.1635


17&HARIS chuy-campusano-mural.jpg

New Mission Mural by Chuy Campusano, illegally painted over by the Cort Foundation when they bought this triangular building at 17th between Treat and Harrison.

Photos: Chris Carlsson

17th-and-Harrison-Lili-Ann-mural-1995-by-John-Wilson Max-Kirkeberg-Collection.jpg

1995 view of the Lila Ann mural.

Photo: John Wilson, courtesy Max Kirkeberg Collection, diva.sfsu.edu


July 4, 1999, alley cat race among bike messengers begins on Treat and turns on 17th in front of the Lily Ann Mural.

Photo: © Kyle Shepard

Cort-Fndtn-wall 0496.jpg

By 2009, the mural is unknown to the many new arrivals in the condominiums filling up the North Mission. Brown condos at right occupy site of old cement factory.

Photo: Chris Carlsson