Blacks in Baseball

Unfinished History


1944 Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard Softball Team, "The Honey Bees," which played in the city league against Coca Cola, Southern Pacific, etc., nearly a decade before professional baseball's color line was cracked by Jackie Robinson's ascent to the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Photo: African American Historical and Cultural Society, San Francisco, CA

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East Bay Yesterday podcast on the history of east bay baseball before the Oakland A's.

Courtesy: East Bay Yesterday


1958 photograph of legendary San Francisco Giant, Willie Mays.

Photo: San Francisco History Room, San Francisco Public Library

In 1957, Willie Mays, baseball's greatest center fielder and star of the San Francisco Giants, could not rent the house of his choice in Miraloma until Mayor Christopher publicly invited Willie to stay as his guest while the problem was resolved (Willie got his house the next day). The owner, Walter A. Gneadiloff, claimed there was great neighborhood pressure against the deal since it would erode the whites-only standard then prevailing.

Willie Mays w wife and child c 1959.jpg

Willie Mays with his wife and child, c. 1959.


Willie Mays original home 1958.jpg

Willie Mays' original home at 175 Miraloma Drive, 1959, after a soda bottle had been thrown through the side window.

Photo:, wnp14.10978.jpg

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