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Unfinished History

1907 Part of a Visitacion Valley set from Worden documenting Southern Pacific construction. View northerly toward the bay, from San Bruno Mountain above Brisbane. Bayview Hill in distance wnp15.760.jpg

1907 view of Visitacion Valley from the canyon where Brisbane Industrial Park is now. Bayview Hill is in the distance in this northeasterly view.

Photo: wnp15.760

1946 SP Bayshore yard Train heading South, View looking North to Bayview Hill wnp14.3444.jpg

Southern Pacific Bayshore train yard, looking north from south of City Limits, 1946.

Photo: wnp 14.3444


Looking north towards the end of San Bruno Avenue, where it curves down to meet Bayshore Boulevard in Visitacion Valley, c. 1926. The house most at right with the double roofline in the photograph still stands there today.

Photo: C. R. collection


Visitacion Valley from McLaren Park, former Brisbane Lagoon in distant flatlands, San Bruno Mountain on right horizon, while in foreground at right edge of photo is the old Geneva Towers, demolished in 1998.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Another view, this one in 2008, of old landfill site in Brisbane Lagoon.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Brisbane lagoon sw 1940.jpg

Southwest view in 1950 from Bayview Hill across Brisbane Lagoon, site of San Francisco's garbage dump for over 40 years, Highway 101 causeway just taking shape.

Photo: Private Collection

Brisbane lagoon sw 1997.jpg

Same view in 1997, years after the Southern Pacific Bayshore yard had been abandoned, and mostly removed..

Photo: David Green

Candlestick Point land fill in preparation for freeway Feb 23 1956 AAF-0674.jpg

Reverse view, south to north, from edge of San Bruno Mountain looking towards Bayview Hill in distance; Highway 101 causeway under construction, Feb. 23, 1956.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library

C1952 View north at US101, Candlestick Causeway toward Brisbane and San Francisco. Candlestick Park is not yet built.wnp37.02183.jpg

View north at Highway 101, c. 1952. Candlestick causeway between Brisbane and San Francisco, Candlestick Park is not yet built.

Photo: wnp37.02183

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