Veteran's Alley (Shannon Street)

Photo Essay

photos by Chris Carlsson, 2015

Vets-Alley Shannon-Street P1040930.jpg

Between Geary and Post, Taylor and Jones Streets, in the liminal space between the Tenderloin and the Theater district and Union Square, sits Shannon Street, dubbed Vets' Alley by local veterans and artists. The goal of the many remarkable murals that now decorate the alley is to commemorate the plight of U.S. military veterans, many of them living homeless in the vicinity of the alley, as well as others who have gained notoriety (like Chelsea Manning) in their attempts to resist the control the military holds on the politics and policies of the United States.

Vets-Alley1 P1040929.jpg

Vets-Alley2 P1040928.jpg

Vets-Alley3 P1040927.jpg

Vets-Alley4 names.jpg

Thousands of names have been handwritten on the higher reaches of this building. (click to enlarge photo).

Vets-Alley5 P1040926.jpg

Vets-Alley6 P1040925.jpg

Vets-Alley7 P1040924.jpg

Vets-Alley8 P1040923.jpg

Vets-Alley9 P1040922.jpg

Vets-Alley10 P1040921.jpg

Vets-Alley11 P1040919.jpg

Vets-Alley12 P1040918.jpg

Vets-Alley13 P1040917.jpg

Vets-Alley14 P1040915.jpg

The community group keeping it going welcomes other vets and their supporters to get involved. Check out their FB page for more info.