Vermont Street--San Francisco's Real Curviest Street!

Unfinished History


Vermont Street looking south to the recently completed Highway 101.



Foot of Vermont Street, 1928. Less touristy than the famous Lombard Street, but just as winding, Vermont Street on the western slope of Potrero Hill, McKinley Square Park upper left.

Photo: Potrero Hill Archives Project

Mckinley square swings.jpg

These glorious swings, on which one could practically soar over the Mission District, are long gone now, replaced in the early 2000s by a very safe, fenced-in, infant swing set... humph!

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Foot of Vermont Street, 1996

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Vermont Street southward, 1927

Photo: San Francisco Public Works, via Potrero Hill Archives Project


Vermont Street southward, 1940s

Photo: San Francisco History Center, SF Public Library

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