Mission, 11th Street, South Van Ness and Market

Unfinished History


Masonic Temple at 25 Van Ness, now home to the San Francisco Arts Commission. Note the monument to California Volunteers, which has since been relocated to Dolores at Market. This is at the edge of what was once the Hub neighborhood, shot from 11th and Market looking northwest.

Photo 1920: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Photo 1994: David Green


A photographer in 1940 shooting those images above could have turned around to see this view down 11th Street from Market.

Photo: Shaping San Francisco

Mission Street looking west toward 11th Street, Sherman Hotel and Coca-Cola plant on corners June 10 1971 TOR-0245.jpg

Mission Street looking west toward 11th Street. Sherman Hotel and Coca-Cola plant on corners. June 10, 1971.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library, TOR-0245


Looking south on 11th from Howard, c. 1940s. Note "Chas Harney" sign at right. Harney was the man behind the Candlestick Park swindle.

Photo: C. R. collection


Southeast view of Market Street and 11th with an "H" Streetcar turning in 1920.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, SF Public Library, courtesy C. R. collection


"H" Streetcar loading passengers at 11th and Market, c. 1940s, in same spot as photo just above (note City Hall in background).

Photo: C. R. collection

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