Hi Tomas -

Thank you for your interest in adding information on Saint Mary's College to FoundSF. Unfortunately, the amount of information you included on the page wasn't sufficient to provide a visitor to the site with enough information on the College. For this reason we have deleted the page.

We invite you to gather more information, or if you already have extensive information, to write this up and resubmit the page. Simply a photograph with the text you provided as the caption would be a good start, and of course a photo credit. Then, designating the page as an "Historical Essay" invites others to add their memories and photos to the page.

I hope this isn't discouraging, and to explain more about what I mean about labelling the page, please see our page on how to add an article, as well as the instructions on how to add an image. Since we don't have any information on Saint Mary's College, it would be a great addition to have some recollections, some more extensive historical information, and some photos.

Here's the text you had on the page: Founded in 1863 by San Francisco Archbishop Joseph Alemany, Saint Mary's College is one of the oldest universities in California.

In the meantime, you are invited to answer the questions we've put together for new users, available here. We would love to know more about you and your interest in SF history! If you would like to be contacted by other users of, please include your email (you can do so as a link) in your response.

Please Contact us with any questions along the way.

LisaRuth Elliott
Co-Director, Shaping San Francisco and FoundSF administrator