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For nearly two decades, I was a pianist, composer, sound designer, electronics technician and recording engineer. I wrote music for motion pictures, theater and performance art, designed custom audio equipment, recorded and produced albums and twelve-inch 45s for various artists, and occasionally played the piano in live performances. These days, my time is divided between taking pictures, writing, and designing electronic gadgets and toys. I began photographing San Francisco's central city in 2003, and in 2007-8 worked with architectural historian Michael Corbett* on a comprehensive survey of Tenderloin architecture that conclusively defined the extent of the Uptown Tenderloin Historic District and nominated it to the National Register of Historic Places, a sanction that was officially bestowed by the National Park Service in 2009. My own history of the central city has been slowly evolving since 2008 on my website Up From The Deep.

*author of Splendid Survivors and Port City, two of the best books ever written about San Francisco’s architectural heritage.