Twin Peaks


The view from Twin Peaks is world famous. Under the Burnham Plan of 1905 a straight boulevard would have ascended all the way to the top, but after the earthquake of 1906, the Burnham Plan was buried by events.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


View from Twin Peaks under Burnham Plan


Steps to Twin Peaks


Approach to Twin Peaks

Sunset$twin-peaks$1906 itm$1906-view-of-downtown.jpg

The famous view from Twin Peaks, here in 1906 a month after the big earthquake. A close-up shows the devastated downtown.

Photo: Greg Gaar Collection, San Francisco, CA

File:Twin-peaks-view-at-dusk 0400.jpg

Twin Peaks view of downtown at dusk, February 2007

Photo: Chris Carlsson

From-twin-peaks-april08 0861.jpg

View from south peak of Twin Peaks, April 2008, with California poppies in foreground.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

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