SF's Southern Edge

Unfinished History


San Bruno Avenue, now Bayshore Boulevard, at intersection with Sunnydale Avenue, 1928. Southern Pacific yards and roundhouse are to the east (right) of this photo, where they were established on the landfill in what was once known as Candlestick Cove, or Brisbane Lagoon.

Photo: San Francisco History Center, SF Public Library

Northerly-view-from-above-SB-Mtn-w-railyards-and-SF-dump 3028.jpg

Northerly view from above San Bruno Mountain with railyards and San Francisco dump in foreground, SF city limits not far north of the bottom of the photo.

Photo: San Francisco Planning Commission

The Bayshore yard in 1983, with train traffic. Courtesy Reg McGovern. bayshore-yard-info 10-1983 regmcgovern.jpg

The Bayshore yard in 1983, with train traffic, straddling the political boundary between San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

Photo: courtesy Reg McGovern


Old Southern Pacific roundhouse, long abandoned, in Bayshore train yard, 2010.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


From inside the old SP roundhouse, 2010.

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