Questions for New Users


So, now you're registered as a user. What next? You're ready to add content in one of our categories, which you can learn about on the left navigation bar, or on our About page.

As a new member of the user community we also invite you to take a few minutes to write a bit about yourself on your own User page. (Found in the navigation bar to the left. Once logged in, click on Personal Tools and then on your name to access the User page. Click on Edit to enter information.)

Here are some questions we'd like to know your answers to:

About you

+ What themes in San Francisco history are you interested in?

+ Why are you interested in and what has been your relationship to San Francisco history?

+ Are you a part of an organized history group? If so, which one?

+ Feel free to include links to any SF history website you are involved with.

Feedback for us

+ How did you find out about FoundSF?

+ What would you like to see more of in's collection?

+ What do you like about how works?

+ What would you do differently on