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[[22nd and Chattanooga 1920s |Prev. Document]] [[Noe Valley History|Next Document]]
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Unfinished History

Mural-history-panel 0852.jpg

Mona Caron completed a double mural overlooking the Noe Valley Farmer's Market, in the Noe Valley Ministry Parking Lot every Saturday morning. Above is the callout with a look at historic Noe Valley, and following are a series of images of the two full size murals, and various details.

All Photos: Chris Carlsson

Mural-orange-side 3403.jpg

Mural-blue-side 4094.jpg

Mural-blue-left-side 4111.jpg

Mural-blue-middle 4095.jpg

Mural-orange-utopia 4117.jpg

Mural seed-bank-and-pedal-power 4115.jpg

Mural-amnistia 4103.jpg

This last image captures the big MayDay Immigrant march held on MayDay 2006, which proceeded on Mission Street at 24th. As a mural gracing 24th Street, Caron extended her subject matter to the Mission District as well, only a few blocks to the east.

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