Neighborhood Newspapers of San Francisco

Neighborhood Newspapers of San Francisco Digital Scanning Project

View the collection of digitized newspapers, which is growing by the week!

The San Francisco Department of Memory, a collaborative of SF neighborhood history groups comprised of the below groups and individual historians, came together to:

1) share resources around local history gathering and dissemination;
2) influence the discourse of local history;
3) amplify work done by local historians that is often isolated work; and
4) promote more collaboration around local history.

Acción Latina
Bernal History Project
Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project
Potrero Hill Archives
Shaping San Francisco
Visitacion Valley History Project
Western Neighborhoods Project
Noe Valley Voice

We identified several underutilized large collections of neighborhood history in the form of neighborhood newspapers—some now out of print—which we are working together with the Internet Archive to digitize and make available as historical resources. The papers we have integrated into the collection are:
North Mission News, Mission News, & New Mission News
The Potrero View,
Glen Park News & Glen Park Perspective
Visitacion Valley Grapevine,
Richmond ReView,
Tenderloin Times,
Noe Valley Voice,
Bernal Journal, Bernal Heights Journal, & New Bernal Journal
The Telegraph Hill Semaphore
Street Art News

PLUS a special collection of newspapers published around the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake including the additional papers El Tecolote & The New Fillmore

Work during 2019-2020 on this project was funded in part by grants from the Alice Ross Carey Preservation Fund of San Francisco Heritage and the San Francisco Historic Preservation Fund Committee.

Interested in volunteering your time with us to help scan and digitize? We also need help identifying the various topics covered in the newspaper articles and entering them as keyword metadata for the archival collection.

If you have a San Francisco neighborhood newspaper archive you would like us to consider including, let us know.

Please email us to find out how to get involved.