Mission's New Park: In Chan Kaajal

Unfinished History

New-park-on-stage P1100677.jpg

New park at 17th and Folsom gets its name unveiled at opening day, June 23, 2017: In Chan Kaajal Park, taking the Mayan expression meaning "small village."

Photos: Chris Carlsson

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Oscar Grande, organizer for PODER who worked for years to build this park, speaks about environmental justice organizing across California, and specifically as a key element of PODER's project to empower and build community in the Mission. This new park is one of their crowing achievements.

Video: Shaping San Francisco

17th-and-Folsom-parking-lot-IMG 4069.jpg

17th-and-Folsom-Summer-2013 IMG 4072.jpg

In summer 2013, the lot at 17th and Folsom was still a parking lot.


Construction begins at last!

17th-and-Folsom P1080643.jpg

The skeleton of a park begins to take shape.

New-park-opening-day P1100679.jpg

Finally, June 23, 2017, In Chan Kaajal opens!

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New-park-opening 20170623 161724.jpg

Opening day was blessed with perfect weather!

New-park-veggie-beds 20170623 161734.jpg

New community garden plots are available too.

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New-park-opening 20170623 164313.jpg