Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Unfinished History

As part of the long, tangled fight over the Yerba Buena Center and the Moscone Convention Center, many "concessions" were made by the monied interests behind the original plans. One of them was to create the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial as part of the 2.5 acre public park on the lot between 3rd and 4th, Howard and Mission.

MLK-memorial 175440.jpg

You can make out MLK making one of his famous speeches at the end of the corridor under the waterfall. The back wall behind the falling water is full of images and quotes.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

MLK-speech-I-have-a-dream-1963 175417.jpg

I Have A Dream speech.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

MLK-quote 175334.jpg

One of MLK's best quotes.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

YBC-lawn-w-St-Patricks-Marriott-and-Luxury-Tower 20190707 175514.jpg

The view northward across the public lawn of Yerba Buena Gardens towards St. Patrick's on Mission Street.

Photo: Chris Carlsson