Market and Valencia Powerhouse

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Unfinished History


The United Railroads Powerhouse at Valencia and Market, 1880s.


Powerhouse ruins after 1906 earthquake and fire, Haight Street in distance.

Photo: San Francisco MTA

Market-and-Valencia-Street-Powerhouse-After-the-1906-Earthquake -June-18-1906 U00781.jpg

Powerhouse after 1906 earthquake, June 18, 1906.

Photo: San Francisco MTA, U00781

Sanborn Mkt Val 1905.jpg

Sanborn insurance map, 1905, showing intersection of Valencia and Market and surroundings, with United Railroads powerhouse and carbarn in center.

Atlas-Rail-Grinder-at-Market-and-Valencia-Shops- -February-28-1919 U06455.jpg

Atlas rail grinder at the Market and Valencia shops, February 28, 1919.

Photo: San Francisco MTA, U06455