Living on the Slopes

Unfinished History


Life on upper Eureka Valley's north slope, Buena Vista park at upper right. Corbett Road runs across the bottom, the curving dirt road at center left is Mars Street connecting it to 17th Street which is the straight diagonal road going uphill to the left (west), c. 1910s.

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Roosevelt and Levant May 28, 1920 opensfhistory wnp36.02313.jpg

Roosevelt and Levant, May 28, 1920.

Photo: wnp36.02313

Eureka Valley and Buena Vista Park. 2005.jpg

View of Eureka Valley, Buena Vista park at upper left, and Corona Heights Park at upper right, 2005.

Photo: From the Corwin Park to Tank Hill walk's Flickr photos.

Eureka valley north slope apx roosevelt 1890s.jpg

Eureka Valley north slope, c. 1890s.

Photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Ellen sweeney1-1-.jpg

Buckley family history. This photo was taken at my great-great-grandmother Ellen Sweeney Buckley's farm at 1063 Corbett Street.

Photo: courtesy Buckley Family

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