Innes Avenue

Unfinished History


Innes Avenue under construction in 1917.

photo: Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Innes near Fitch Jun 13, 1917 wnp36.01617.jpg

Steam Shovel on Innes near Fitch on June 13, 1917.

photo: wnp36.01617

Innes bet Griffith and Fitch dpwbook19 dpw4440 June 13 1917 wnp36.01619.jpg

Innes Avenue between Griffith and Fitch, June 13, 1917.

Photo: wnp36.01619; Original DPW Book 19, DPW 4440


photo: David Green

This place on the shore of India Basin on Innes Avenue once thrived with its close proximity to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, but the demise of the shipyard and the ghettoization of the local neighborhood (the infamous Double Rock Public Housing Project is on the hillside across the street) took their toll and by the late 1990s this Soul Food restaurant was out of business.

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